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Noise Monitoring Capabilites
Noise Monitoring Services


With the exponential growth that has recently been witnessed in the Middle East region, noise has become a much more salient issue and a focal point of EIA’s. Most regulators within the region are now requiring full noise surveys and assessments for inclusion within development applications. Exova has a proven track record as competent and reliable field data acquisition service provider for a range of blue chip environmental consultants and industry.

We have the latest type 1 sound level meters

Noise Monitoring Capabilities

Exova engineers and technicians are equipped with the latest type 1 sound level meters with the following capabilities:

  • Fully integrating
  • Broadband statistical analysis (eg. L10, L90 etc.)
  • User definable logging periods
  • Outdoor protection systems for unattended operations
  • 1/1 + 1/3 octave band frequency analysis, in real time if necessary.

The Exova acoustic team also supports the architectural products / cladding testing division and the offering of acoustic partition performance testing.

Noise Monitoring Services

Exova noise monitoring services include:

  • Liaison and agreement of survey scope with client and / or regulator
  • Attended monitoring to provide objective commentary on acoustic measurements
  • Non attended monitoring to profile acoustic environment, over extended periods
  • Baseline / background noise measurement
  • Traffic and industrial rating noise measurements

Source: Exova

Date Added: Jul 14, 2009
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