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Water Quality Tester - GPS Aquameter From Aquaread

Developed by an award-winning team of scientists and engineers whose experience include the design of moving map satellite navigation systems for high speed military jets, the GPS Aquameter is a breakthrough in ergonomic and operating system design. With the GPS Aquameter and its associated range of multiparameter probes, it is now possible for anyone to obtain fast, reliable, accurate and dependable water quality readings.
The GPS Aquameter is designed to interface to, and display readings from any one of eight Aquaread multiparameter probes.
Taking a reading couldn’t be easier. Simply connect the selected Aquaprobe to the GPS Aquameter, switch on and lower the probe into water. The probe’s built-in microprocessor immediately goes to work measuring dissolved oxygen, conductivity, turbidity, temperature, pH and ORP from which all the other water related parameters are calculated. Once per second the probe packages all this data and sends it to the meter, where it is processed for display along with atmospheric pressure, position and altitude information.
Logging data is simple too. Either set the unit to log at regular intervals, or grab the current readings by hitting the M+ key. To recall logged data on screen, simply hit the MR key then browse using the arrow keys. To copy the logged data to your PC, attach the custom USB cable and run the Aqualink software utility (both supplied as standard). Once the data is transferred, Aqualink can export it to most popular spreadsheets as well as Google™ Maps and Google Earth, where the readings can be overlaid on either maps or satellite photos.

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