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LMF Manufacturing Offers BM 620-9 Hot Air Shelled Corn Furnaces

Published on January 21, 2010 at 4:24 AM

LMF Manufacturing manufactures biomass forced hot air furnaces. There are four models of corn burning furnaces, two hot water boiler units and two forced hot air units. The BM 620-9 hot air shelled corn furnace is an automatic hot air furnace that is controlled thermostatically. For automatic feeding, this furnace is equipped with a 14 bushel corn bin. This furnace has bottom feeders designed for self-cleaning and self-feeding.

BM 620-9 Hot Air Shelled Corn Furnace

The shelled corn that is available at low cost, along with an efficient burning process, supports a home heating system that is economically and ecologically safe. The heating capacity of the BM 620-9 hot air shelled corn furnace covers an area of up to 2500sq.ft depending on the temperature and insulation. This corn furnace available from LMF Manufacturing measures a height of 53 inches, width of 27 inches and a depth of 46 inches, and weighs 550 pounds. The storage bin has a height of 48 inches, width of 36 inches and a depth of 52 inches, and weighs 50 pounds.

The plenum openings of the BM 620-9 hot air shelled corn furnace are 14 square inches. The flue pipe has a diameter of 6 inches. The fire pot and heat exchanger are made of cast iron and 14 gauge steel, respectively. The combustion blower has a capacity of 60cfm and the hot air blower has a speed of 1/3hp. The energy output capacity of the BM 620-9 is 100,000 BTU. This furnace is designed with left hand or right hand feed.


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