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Suite 6, 225 Hawken Drive
St Lucia
QLD, 4067
PH: 61 (7) 33711666
Fax: 61 (7) 33711699
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Company Background

Ingenero is the first Australian company to give commercial, government and utility companies' access to clean electricity generation on their own premises - without any capital investment or ownership risk. Ingenero takes on the costs of building, owning and operating onsite custom-built solar energy systems, so customers can enjoy the benefits of solar power and only have to pay for the solar power used. Ingenero gives the green light to large scale solar projects by making it simple to be renewable.

Now you can take charge of your energy future and convert to renewable solar electric power quickly and economically. Ingenero works with you so you can "go green" without having to pay for or maintain your own solar equipment. Ingenero designs, installs monitors and maintains the solar assets in return for a monthly price for green energy that allows you to predict your green energy pricing into the future.

Whether you are a commercial enterprise, an energy retailer, a government department or an entire community, Ingenero will produce clean electricity for your enterprise, lock in energy pricing, and help reduce your carbon footprint. Everyone is a winner - including the planet.