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Arizona, 85016
United States
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Company Background

Our company has the same simple mission today as it did when we started: "To help entrepreneurs get their act together before they talk to investors."

The process of getting ready to talk to investors can be many things: tedious, exciting, terrifying, educational. But most of all, it's distracting. Sure, raising money is important, but it's even more important for you to focus on building your company: your team, your products and services, your customer base (you know, the people who actually pay you for what you do). Raising capital can suck up the better part of a year of your life. After all, Scott Cook was turned down by 39 venture capitalists when he tried to raise money for Intuit. Things worked out well for Scott, in the end. But most entrepreneurs can't afford to take their focus away from their company for that long.

That's where we come in.