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Basin Water

8731 Prestige Court
Rancho Cucamonga
CA, 91730
United States
PH: 1 (909) 481 6800
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Company Background

Basin Water provides a turnkey, cost-effective, rapidly deployable solution for treating contaminated groundwater wherever you need it.

Basin Water's next-generation ion exchange system can treat water at the wellhead or at a centralized facility. Each has its place in managing your water resources.

By treating water at a centralized facility, you can treat and blend water from multiple wellhead sources at a single location. This leverages proven Basin Water technology into facilities capable of treating 3,000 to 8,000 gpm.

Either way, Basin Water helps you make the most of your groundwater resources, with minimal disruption and maximum speed and cost-efficiency. The end result: a safe, reliable source of drinking water for the community you serve.

Now, more than ever, Basin Water is the right treatment solution.