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Camco International

Room 906, Lucky Tower A
3 North Road, East 3rd Ring Road
Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100027
PH: 86 (10) 8448 3025
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Company Background

Camco is a leading climate change group with one of the world's largest portfolios of carbon credits. Camco works closely with industrial companies to identify and develop projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and then arranges for the sale and delivery of credits into the international market.

In total, Camco has developed projects requiring over USD 1 billion of investment, and which are expected to generate 120 million carbon credits to the end of 2012. Camco is a market leader in China and Russia – two of the largest potential markets – as well as in Eastern Europe and Africa.

Camco has excellent up-to-date knowledge of current pricing and structuring of carbon credit contracts, and the appropriate terms and conditions to include in commercial negotiations. Our work therefore supports the complex needs of the local seller and the international buyer.