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Chinalight Solar

No. 3, Xingguangsan Street
Opto-Mechatronics Industrial Park
United States
PH: 86 (10) 81506122
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Company Background

Chinalight Solar Co., Ltd. is a new hi-tech joint venture, invested by China National Light Industrial Products Imp. & Exp. Corp. directly under the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. As a hi-tech enterprise, Chinalight Solar Co., Ltd. utilizes the world most state-of-the-art silicon solar cell manufacturing technology and equipment and combines solar cell research and development, production and sales into one.

Solar energy is one of the major renewable energies for mankind in the 21st century and can be utilized continually and permanently. Solar power generation will become a comprehensive trend in world new energy industry. The solar energy is an inexhaustible new energy that is environment-friendly and the solar cells are widely used as a new energy in various aspects of human life, such as aviation & aerospace, parallel power generation, resident’s power utilization, automobile, yacht, highway signaling, etc.. As solar power has unique advantages far over such energies as wind power, hydropower, terrestrial heat, nuclear power, etc., it promises to become a key power supply in the future.