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Unit 17 Village Farm Road, Village Farm Industrial Estate
Bridgend, CF33 6BL
United Kingdom
PH: 44 (1656) 746 439
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Company Background

Inetec was formed in 1997 to address the problem facing large scale food manufacturers relating to food and non-recyclable packaging waste. After much research it was discovered that not only the food waste itself, but the non-recyclable packaging contained a high energy value which was being squandered. This waste stream was discovered to be a valuable means of generating renewable energy allowing an onsite energy recovery system to be placed on the food producer’s site, resulting in the displacement of external fossil fuel usage and reduction of greenhouse gases.

Since its inception Inetec has continued to grow in size and credibility throughout the waste management industry and is now a recognised brand. This is due to the innovative method Inetec use to convert food waste to energy, which still remains unique to Inetec. This process allows us to supply you with an easily manageable integrated waste management solution.