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65 Main Street
NV, 89403
United States
PH: 1 (775) 247 5362
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Company Background

Infinifuel realizes the superiority of biodiesel over petrodiesel, and produces biodiesel as a domestically sourced alternative fuel that benefits our economy and our environment.

Biodiesel is a perfect replacement for petrodiesel, and has achieved a full national standard (ASTM D 6751). You just pour it into your tank and use it without any modifications to the vehicle. It smells better and burns cleaner than petrodiesel, and it is safer too. Biodiesel allows us to produce energy from any new or used vegetable oil. A farmer can grow in one season all the crop that is needed to fuel your vehicle for a year. Using a domestic resource like this is invaluable, and this combined with the reduced impact biodiesel has on our environment makes biodiesel seem a perfect answer to our ever demanding energy needs.