Inventure Chemicals

2232 Port of Tacoma Rd.
WA, 98421
United States
PH: 1 (206) 753 0258
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Company Background

Inventure Chemical was formed to capitalize on the great opportunity posed by our breakthroughs in algae to biodiesel/ethanol conversion processes. The company is applying patent pending processes to develop and commercialize second generation ethanol and biodiesel technology utilizing low cost algae feedstock, thereby making these biofuels competitive with petroleum fuels independent of any subsidies or mandates. Expertise includes both process conversion and plant design/construction. Inventure currently operates an algae-based biodiesel and ethanol R&D production site in Washington State where it is currently producing biodiesel and ethanol from algae sourced from facilities in Israel, Arizona, and Australia.Inventure's technology will deliver a viable ROI for companies that use algae technology for sequestering CO2.