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Onsite Power Systems

216 F Street #3
CA, 95616
United States
PH: 1 (559) 271 2970
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Company Background

Founded in 1996, Onsite Power Systems, Inc. is leading a multi-disciplinary group of engineers and scientists, dedicated to the commercialization of significantly improved, anaerobic digester process technologies.

Onsite Power Systems, Inc. (OPS) is a privately held company that has secured an exclusive licensing and research agreement for the Anaerobic Phased Solids (APS) digester technology patented and protected by the University of California Regents.

OPS is completing a 55,000-gallon total reactor volume, commercial demonstration project on the campus of the University of California at Davis, California. The project is partially funded by the California Energy Commission. This APS digester process incorporates a new, high-rate bio-conversion technology. The driving forces of the Bioenergy Industry are “waste recovery” and “renewable, sustainable energy” based on consuming organic biomass waste materials as a renewable resource.

Based upon planned projects and forecasted sales projections, OPS is in a strong position to capture a major portion of an emerging and lucrative organic waste resource recovery market, positioning itself as the leader in this rapidly developing industry.