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Panda Ethanol

4100 Spring Valley Suite 1002
TX, 75244
United States
PH: 1 (972) 361 1200
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Company Background

Panda Ethanol is working to help meet the nation's need for clean, economic, alternative energy, which will decrease our dependence on hydrocarbons and foreign oil. Once complete, Panda's six proposed 115 million gallon-per-year denatured ethanolEthanol: A clean-burning, high octane, renewable fuel made from grain or other biomass sources. Ethanol can be used as an effective octane-boosting fuel additive or as a stand-alone fuel. refineries will supply the nation with clean-burning, renewable ethanol to help accomplish this goal.

Four of these state-of-the-art facilities will be fueled by gasifying cattle manure, a renewable fuel source, rather than using non-renewable fuels like gas or coal. Panda Ethanol's commitment to such innovative technology ensures its production process is economical and energy efficient from start to finish.