Photowatt International SA

33 rue saint-honore
Z.I. Champfleuri 38300
PH: 33 (4 74) 93 80 20
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Company Background

Set up in 1979, Photowatt International SA is one of Europe's leaders in the photovoltaic industry. Photowatt is vertically integrated, producing ingots from silicon to make plates, cells and multicrystalline modules. Backed by 25 years of experience, Photowatt has expert control over every stage of production; using its know-how at each successive stage of transformation of the materials until the final system is installed.

Its integration ensures that it is able to validate the entire production process, offering a guarantee of high performance and quality, certified by world-renowned organisations (PV GAP, CE, ISO 9002, EQNET, UL, ESTI, TÜV, IECQ…).