Plasco Energy Group

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ON, K2K 3G8
PH: 1 (613) 591 9438
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Company Background

Plasco Energy Group, Inc (Plasco) was formed in the spring of 2005 from two companies, RCL Plasma, Inc. and Plasco Energy Corp. The two companies employed RCL’s patented Plasco Conversion System (PCS) to convert waste to energy or convert environmentally unacceptable fuels like coal into a clean syngas. Plasco Energy Group consolidated these two into a single entity and the two divisions exist within the Group. Plasco is currently focusing its efforts on commercial activities of the Energy Division, working with waste, and will gradually devote more resources to its Power Division, dealing with other feedstocks, in the coming months.

Plasco is a private Canadian high-technology firm federally incorporated in 2005. It has invented, developed and patented processes using plasma arc technology for the environmentally sound conversion of waste to heat and energy rich gas and the cost effective generation of electricity. Plasco has a demonstration facility in Castellgali, Spain in conjunction with its environmental management partner HERA Holding of Spain.