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Plutonic Power

Suite 600, 888 Dunsmuir Street
BC, V6C 3K4
PH: 1 (604) 669 4999
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Company Background

British Columbia is blessed with a consistent and abundant supply of fast running water, the renewable resource necessary for non storage hydroelectric green power production. The locations of Plutonic Power's projects were chosen for the attributes necessary for successful, stable renewable hydroelectric power production: a combination of high rainfall with large drainage basin areas resulting in high unit runoff and steep terrain resulting in high head flow with a short penstock feed. The locations were also chosen for their minimal environmental, recreational and visual impacts.

British Columbia has been a net importer of electricity for over five years. It is economically important for our province to develop domestic power generation and return to the stable situation of electricity self-sufficiency. Plutonic Power's green power projects are significant enough to have an impact on the needs of the province and help British Columbia return to electrical self-sufficiency.