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PURE Biofuels Corp

9440 Little Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 400
Beverly Hills
CA, 90210
United States
PH: 1 (310) 402 5916
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Company Background

PURE Biofuels Corp. was founded in 2006 and is an energy company that produces and distributes renewable fuel products.

PURE is committed to being a leader in Latin America's rapidly emerging biofuels industry. In December 2006, PURE Biofuels acquired the land necessary for its proposed Callao Port biodiesel refinery, which it will build, own and operate. The refinery will process raw palm feedstock into environmentally friendly biodiesel, which can be used in any unmodified diesel engine. The Callao Port refinery is scheduled to begin full production in October 2007 and is being designed to process 150,000 gallons of biodiesel each day from crude palm oil feedstock. The plant is designed for a continuous 24-hour production. PURE intends to plant oil-bearing crops such as African palm and jathropha to be processed at the Callao Port biodiesel refinery. While corn processed into ethanol is the most familiar biofuel in North America, once processed, palm yields up to 35 times more biofuel than corn does on a per acre basis.