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ZhongDe Waste Technology

Stadthausbrucke 1-3
PH: 49 (40) 37644 745
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Company Background

ZhongDe Group designs, manufactures and installs pyrolytic, grate and rotary kiln waste incinerators for the disposal of solid medical, municipal (mixed household refuse) and industrial (including hazardous) waste. This involves a variety of incineration techniques: grate, pyrolytic and rotary kiln incineration. Founded in 1996, the ZhongDe Group has sold more than 170 waste incinerators to clients in 13 provinces throughout China, 112 of these in the last three financial years alone. ZhongDe Group waste incinerators are sold primarily to dedicated operators responsible for the disposal of medical waste created by hospitals and the health industry, and also to small and medium-sized municipalities in developed areas of the People's Republic. The ZhongDe Group is one of China's leading providers of small and medium-sized waste incineration equipment.