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ClearEdge Power

7205 NW Evergreen Parkway
Oregon, 97124
United States
PH: 1 (877) 257 3343
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Company Background

ClearEdge Power is a pioneer and leading provider of ultra-clean and efficient on-site energy generation systems for homes and small businesses. With operations throughout the West Coast of the United States, our company is positioned at the center of clean energy technology innovation and market adoption.

Established in 2003, ClearEdge Power possesses extensive knowledge of fuel cells, fuel processing and systems integration. Our core team of engineers, scientists and veteran business executives bring together world-class experience and expertise to address growing energy demands with new clean technology solutions. Additionally, ClearEdge Power’s leadership position in technology development, manufacturing and carbon mitigation expertise is engaging, educating and moving consumers toward clean energy solutions.

Today, ClearEdge Power manufactures and markets the highly efficient CE5, a compact power and heat energy system for use in residential and small commercial buildings. Our innovative products enable customers to significantly reduce their electricity bills, improve the energy efficiency of their home or business, and reduce their carbon emissions profile.