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World Green Building Council

9520 Pine Valley Drive
Ontario, L4L 1A6
PH: +1 (905) 3033900
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Company Background

The World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) will be the peak global not-for-profit organisation working to transform the property industry towards sustainability through its members - national Green Building Councils.


The WorldGBC provides a federation "union" of national Green Building Councils whose common goal is the sustainable transformation of the global property industry.

The WorldGBC shall:

  • establish common principals for Green Building Councils;
  • serve as a global voice on behalf of Green Building councils;
  • support and promote individual Green Building Councils;
  • establish a clearing for "knowledge" transfer between Green Building Councils;
  • encourage development of market based environmental rating systems;
  • recognise global green building leadership.


The longer term objectives of the WorldGBC is to:

  • create a global market for green building through the creation of successful national Green Building Councils;
  • be the peak global voice for global green building issues;
  • represent no less than 60% of the global property industry through countries with Green Building Councils;
  • have a dynamic web presence that serves as the preeminent portal for global green building news;
  • have collaborative relationships with all other complimentary global organisations.