Centre for Energy and Greenhouse Technologies

50 Northways Rd
Victoria, 3842
PH: 61 (3) 51221941
Fax: 61 (3) 51221248
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Company Background

The Centre, a private company, is an investment and service provider focussing exclusively on the development of new sustainable energy and greenhouse gas reductions technologies.

Investment in new sustainable energy technologies is the largest sub-sector of the fast growing cleantech (clean technology) investment sector. Cleantech technologies are those that provide superior commercial returns compared to incumbent technologies while simultaneously addressing significant environmental and resource issues such as greenhouse gas emissions, water scarcity and quality, waste and recycling.

By identifying and attracting new technologies that require investment to reach the demonstration or commercialisation stage, the Centre in conjunction with co-investors aims to generate venture capital grade returns on its investments by meeting the growing Australian and global demand for these technologies.