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2189 Flintstone Dr Suite A
GA, 30084
United States
PH: 1 (770) 934 7030
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Company Background

CoalTek’s goal is to provide a clean, cost-effective, alternative fuel that addresses today’s power demands and increasing environmental challenges. Our proprietary technology uses electromagnetic energy to reduce the moisture, ash, sulfur and mercury in coal and to make it burn more efficiently and cleanly. Coal processed with our technology is a stable, high-quality end product that allows power generators to optimize efficiency and increase yields.

The CoalTek process was developed, tested, and proven over eight years by Dr. Jerry Weinberg, the company’s co-founder, along with chief geologist Neil Ginther. CoalTek opened its first commercial processing facility in Calvert City, Kentucky in 2006. The plant’s initial capacity of 120,000 tons/yr will be expanded in the future, and there are also plans to build additional facilities, to meet the growing demand for clean coal.