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Opel Inc.

Three Corporate Drive, suite 204,
CT, 06484
United States
PH: 1 (203) 612-2366
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Company Background

OPEL Inc. is a product and technology based company whose main focus is the design and manufacture of Solar Concentrating products for use in the generation of power for commercial applications. These commercial applications span the range from power grid fields to rooftop systems for commercial building applications.

OPEL's solution greatly improves the cost and performance of existing solar photovoltaic products and makes solar power generation a viable and non polluting alternative.

OPEL's products are based on technology developed in cooperation with the University of Connecticut (Storrs, CT) and the National Research Council (Ottawa, ON).

OPEL's technology is the subject of 36 filed patents with nearly half granted already. The technology is capable of supporting various product offerings from OPEL and continues to be enhanced at our laboratory presently located at the University of Connecticut.