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Pacific Natural Energy

12069 Ventura Place, Suite B
Studio City
CA, 91604
United States
PH: 1 (818) 7602823
Fax: 1 (818) 7602842
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Company Background

Pacific Natural Energy will allow people to become fuel manufacturers and compete with the real robber baron corporations like EXXON and BP. Now people can do something. We provide an affordable processing unit that will create an entirely new market of legal small-to-midsized biodiesel manufacturing and allow biodiesel to truly go full circle to become the fuel of, by, and for the American people.

Our processing unit is a turn-key mini plant that has the ability to adapt its use to all different types of new and used vegetable oil and fats. One full-time or two part-time employees can produce varying amounts of production based on the tying of units together. An operator can successfully produce high quality biodiesel ready for legal sale. There are many preliminary issues that need to be addressed such as supply of materials, locations and governmental bodies. However, we have the ability to navigate someone through all these issues and start producing biodiesel and become an actual energy producing company.