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PV Powered, Inc.

150 SW Scalehouse Loop
OR, 97702
United States
PH: 1 (541) 312-3832
Fax: 1 (541) 383-2348
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Company Background

Our vision is to spur the widespread adoption of solar power by ensuring that PV Powered products are the most reliable, easiest to install, and best supported inverters available. Because inverters have historically been a significant source of system downtime, we are committed to building the most reliable inverters in the industry. Our reliability and design teams identify failure points such as connectors and temperature-sensitive components, then minimize or eliminate them. Special enclosures are designed to keep sensitive electronic components clean and cool.

The high reliability of PV Powered inverters stems from the revolutionary, but simple architecture of our products, all of which contain less than one-half of the components of competitive systems. Reliability studies link fewer parts with higher reliability and longer operating life. Our products are designed to deliver reliable power for 20 years or more.

PV Powered backs up our designs with rigorous reliability modeling and quality assurance. As a result, we were able to lead the market by offering a 10-year warranty on our very first product and we are the only company in the industry to offer this warranty nationwide across our product line today. We also offer innovative monitoring for all of our products, providing secure, easy access to system performance and inverter status over the Internet. This allows the system owner or installer to verify that maximum energy is being delivered and provides access to historical performance data, service, and support.