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17 State Street, 19th floor
New York
NY, 10004
United States
PH: 1 (212) 796 7100
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Company Background

ConsumerPowerline (CPLN) is a full service strategic energy asset management firm and the largest provider of demand response solutions in the United States with more than 750 MW’s under management. We currently operate in the nation’s largest energy markets including New York, California, New England, and many others.

We help large energy users including some of the nation’s largest commercial, residential and institutional building owners and managers -- gain greater control over both their energy expenditures and assets which in turn create new sources of revenue. We do this by helping our clients reduce demand for electricity during periods of system-wide peak by utilizing real-time data to optimize and manage energy consumption. This increased control not only creates new sources of revenue but improves property values, creates a funding mechanism for building improvements and helps our client contacts become thought leaders in both their company and the industry.