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Concorde Battery Corporation

2009 San Bernardino Road
West Covina
CA, 91790
United States
PH: 1 (626) 813-1234
Fax: 1 (626) 813-1235
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Company Background

Sun Xtender® Series Renewable Energy Storage Solar Batteries are sealed, maintenance free, valve regulated, deep cycle, long life lead acid batteries. Sun Xtender® Series Renewable Energy Storage Batteries have been designed and developed to meet the needs of the Renewable Energy Industry. Concorde Battery Corporation is considered THE solar battery expert worldwide.

Since 1987 Concorde Battery has been supplying the solar energy, photovoltaic, and other renewable energy markets with deep cycle Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries. Tremendous customer acceptance has made Concorde Battery Corporation, the manufacturer of Sun Xtender® Series, the leading battery supplier of solar energy, solar electric, renewable energy, and numerous other applications.