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4625 Creekstone Drive, Suite 130, Research Triangle Park
NC, 27703
United States
PH: 1 (919) 474 9700
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Company Background

Cyberlux was founded in 2000 with the mission of becoming a leader in the design, manufacture and sales of light-emitted diode (LED) lighting solutions that transcend the performance capabilities of conventional bulbs of today.

Cyberlux’s lighting systems –that provide superior lighting sources without the extreme heat of most bulbs– are less expensive than conventional bulbs or tubes by 200% in total cost of ownership.

And with technology that consumes 92% less energy than incandescent bulbs (common household bulbs), 30% less than most fluorescent lighting systems, and new lighting efficiency that can last up to 20 years, Cyberlux is at the forefront of next-generation lighting solutions.