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Carnegie Energy

Carnegie Energy
Suite 1, 124 Stirling Highway
North Fremantle
Western Australia, 6159
PH: +61 (8) 94864466
Fax: +61 (8) 94864266
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Company Background

Carnegie Corporation is focused on developing and commercialising clean technologies. The world market for renewable and low-emission power and water technologies is undergoing rapid growth and Carnegie Corporation is well positioned to capitalise upon this through the development and commercialisation of a growing portfolio of ‘cleantech’ projects including our flagship project:

  • CETO wave energy – zero-emission power and desalination technology;

... and emerging technologies

  • Cleaner Coal Power – low-emission, coal-fired power generation technology;
  • Solar Thermal Generation – low cost, base-load solar thermal technology; and
  • Aerofoil Wing Design – high-efficiency design development with potential application in the wind industry.

Carnegie’s aim is to build a portfolio of cleantech projects that represent a mix of promising technology developments and profitable, revenue producing operations.