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Petratherm LTD

106 Greenhill Road
SA, 5061
PH: +61 (8) 82745000
Fax: +61 (8) 82728141
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Company Background

Petratherm was established on 24 October 2003 with the aim of obtaining tenements suitable for the production of economically viable hot rock energy, together with methodology and research data to assess the potential of such tenements. To date, three Tenements have been obtained which are characterised by:

Potential occurrence of substantial rock masses with naturally occurring radiogenic minerals;

  • Proximity to major infrastructure;
  • Depth to top of target rock in the three kilometre range;
  • Potential heat exchange reservoir characteristics; and
  • Location not affected by problems of restricted access.

Petratherm believes that the requirement for power from renewable energy sources will increase, and that hot rock energy is one of the few forms of renewable energy that can provide base-load power without significant impact on the environment.