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South Australia, 5160
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Company Background

The Papyrus Technology meets all of the criteria of an environmentally sustainable manufacturing process:

  • No deforestation or requirement for additional forest plantations to be created.
  • The fibre source is the banana trunk, a by-product of fruit production and a currently unutilised fibre source.
  • Low carbon emission technology due to low power requirements.
  • Production occurs within the banana plantation, minimising costs of transport and energy consumption.
  • No requirement for pulping, negating the use of chemicals and minimising energy consumption.
  • No effluent or landfill produced from the manufacturing process.
  • No methane or oxides of nitrogen are produced or emitted as a consequence of manufacturing.
  • The Papyrus products are directly substitutable for common paper and timber products with minimal environmental impact.

It may be that this technology is the only fully sustainable paper making technology currently available in the paper industry. Given that the process is based on a renewable source of an otherwise unutilised material, there is no contribution to the destruction of natural forests or purpose planted plantations..