Sustainability is a Key Driver of New Processes

In modern-day society, sustainability is becoming increasingly important. For instance, in the economy, sustainability is a crucial criterion for the future development of humanity, taking into account the environment.

Companies also have an increasingly important obligation here, as they could make a vital contribution to general environmental safety.

Sustainability is a Key Driver of New Processes

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Why is the Topic of Energy Costs and Environmental Protection Becoming Increasingly Important for Companies?

Regardless of whether production, trade, or transport: The path of a product from production to the store shelf is generally linked to very high energy input. But as fossil raw materials become especially rare, this hunger for energy becomes increasingly more costly.

For increasing costs to be avoided, the only option that is left is to sustainably use natural resources and decrease general energy consumption.

As the mindset of consumers is moving towards sustainability, ecological compatibility is also becoming increasingly significant with regard to a company’s image. Consequently, environmentally conscious companies are more sort after by potential customers.

In Which Industries does Environmental Protection Play a Particularly Important Role?

As sustainability is a global concern, in principle, all companies are impacted by this development. Although the pressure is especially high for companies with high energy requirements, such as large industrial companies, energy companies or car manufacturers.

Environmental safety also impacts small and medium-sized enterprises. Generally, every company within the economy has above-average energy needs, so there is potential for optimization everywhere.

Besides the production and transport of goods, the general operating charges also have an effect on the life cycle assessment. On the whole, the heating of rooms in office buildings or warehouses, and artificial lighting consume huge amounts of energy every day.

The high consumption of office supplies like printer accessories and paper especially constitutes a constant burden on the surrounding, which could be decreased with simple adjustments. This can guarantee environmental protection, for example, during printing, and applies to nearly all industries.

How can Modern Technology Help to Protect the Environment?

Even though the digitization and mechanization of the economy is one reason why the hunger for energy has grown so rapidly over the last few years, technology could also be utilized in to help safeguard the environment.

Progress taking place in the sensor technology will allow for the highly efficient use of energy. For instance, the electronic control of a building could be highly automated with the help of light sensors and smart weather.

For instance, the sensors can constantly quantify the natural amount of light and adjust blinds and lighting systems or, based on weather and temperature, the heating and ventilation systems accordingly. By adopting this method, energy consumption can also be decreased in an effective manner.

Special room indoor climate measurement devices are also able to significantly contribute to environmental protection. For instance, measuring instruments can constantly record the properties of the room climate and make automated adjustments if required.

Using such intelligent environmental technology from Lufft and other present smart building technologies, fresh air supply, for instance, could be regulated as needed. Moreover, the consumption of work equipment like printers and computers could also be improved.

In this context, the sensors can identify when a device is being actively used and when it is not. By adopting this method, unused devices can be automatically switched off or put into standby mode with the help of intelligent systems, resulting in major long-term savings, particularly in open-plan offices.

Finally, what is there to say on the subject?

Overall, it has been shown that environmental safety already plays a major role in how companies of today operate. By using sustainable systems, not only can unnecessary expenditures be reduced, but the image can also be positively impacted by environmentally conscious actions.

As environmental protection becomes even more important in the future, companies must find a solution to this problem as rapidly as possible.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by OTT HydroMet.

For more information on this source, please visit OTT HydroMet. Lufft is one of OTT HydroMet's strong brands for professional environmental monitoring.


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