Cold Plasma Ozone Generation Technology for High Ozone Concentration

Water treatment with ozone is an efficient and well-established method and has been used for over a century. However, in the last couple of years, ozone technology has improved significantly thanks to innovative and next-generation technologies. This article provides a brief description of some of the techniques used for producing ozone.  

Industrial Ozone Production Techniques

Cold Plasma

Unlike other industrial gases, ozone cannot be stored and transported since it rapidly converts into oxygen and hence need to be generated on site. Cold plasma is a gas which is partly ionized and is produced in room temperature or lower. Cold plasma ozone generators use oxygen as the input source, and are employed to create ozone with a concentration of approximately 5 to 7%. However, with recent technological advancements, it is possible to generate ozone with a concentration of up to 20% or more from on-site-generated oxygen.

Corona Discharge Method

For industrial applications, the corona discharge method is often used to produce ozone. In this method, ozone is produced by channeling air into a corona discharge tube, wherein plasma is produced by applying a strong electrical field. The plasma thus produced separates single oxygen atoms which are free to reattach with oxygen molecules and thus produce ozone.

Primozone, a company that provides safe and customized ozone solutions for water treatment, employs an enhanced version of the cold plasma ozone generation method to create ozone. The Primozone technique allows for a more efficient production of free oxygen radicals, which in turn makes it possible to produce ozone with higher concentrations.

Ozone Generators

Primozone has developed a novel product that redefines ozone technology. Primozone primarily focused on the inherent weaknesses in conventional ozone technology and subsequently developed an ozone generator that has not only a high ozone concentration, but also has a low lifecycle cost.

High ozone concentration ensures reduced oxygen consumption and also helps in improving the dissolution of the ozone into the water. Conventional ozone generators have a constant oxygen flow independent of the amount of ozone generated. In contrast, Primozone’s ozone generators can regulate the amount of ozone proportionally as per the need. For instance, traditional ozone generators offer 100g O3 (10 wt%), while a Primozone GM18 will give 200g O3 from 1m3 oxygen (20 wt%). The oxygen consumption is thus reduced to 50%. The Primozone GM ozone generator was tested at the Norwegian Institute of Technology and demonstrated a dissolution rate of 98%.

Another unique feature of the Primozone ozone generator is its energy saving capability. Primozone products can save up to 50% energy. The system is automatically set to low capacity when not in use, and can instantly switch to 100% capacity when needed. This means considerable amount of energy is saved in the process. Figure 1 shows the efficiency of the Primozone ozone technology in reducing energy consumption.

The Primozone ozone technology uses 21% less energy than conventional technology because of a much lower oxygen consumption.

Figure 1. The Primozone ozone technology uses 21% less energy than conventional technology because of a much lower oxygen consumption.

In addition to supplying ozone generators, Primozone also provides complete equipment and solutions to be used before and after the ozone generator.

Benefits of Primozone Ozone Generators

The Primozone GM-series is a range of high performance ozone generators that have an ozone production capacity of 100g - 25kg per hour. They are ideal for aquaculture, industrial, and applications. The ozone generators are compact, easy to operate, and have the highest ozone concentration of up to 20 wt%. They provide precise dosing via integrated controller and saves up to 50% of energy. In addition, the ozone generators have the highest gas pressure of up to 2.2 bar(g) and lowest life-cycle cost. They are made from aluminum and stainless steel and do not have any tubes, hoses or connections. This ensures safe and leakage free ozone generators.

Primozone GM48

Figure 2. Primozone GM48

Primozone GM18

Figure 3. Primozone GM18

The GM-series includes six standard size ozone generators plus a GM-on demand alternative. Based on the Primozone ozone technology, the GM-on demand is a built-to-fit ozone generator that can be scaled according to customers’ requirements. Figure 2 shows the inside of the Primozone GM48 that generates up to 2,5kg O3/hour and has a footprint of just 90x70cm. Figure 3 shows a Primozone GM18 with a capacity of up to 1kg O3/hour.


The Primozone ozone generators are redefining the ozone technology market as they provide ozone with a very high concetration and at a very low life-cycle cost. The Primozone generators are smaller in size, more reliable and easier to operate than the traditional ozone generators in the market. These features makes the Primozone ozone generators very competitive and suitable for even tough industrial applications.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Primozone.

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