Customized Ozone Water Treatment Systems

Primozone specializes in designing customized ozone water treatment systems for industrial, municipal and aquaculture applications. The company has the expertise required in ozone technology and can design ozone water treatment systems to fit specific application needs.

Ozone Generator System

Different applications require different solutions. For instance, purchasing an ozone generator is different from constructing an efficient and complete ozone generator system. To this end, Primozone has a proven experience in ozone installations to suit different applications.

Importance of an Appropriate Ozone System

When designing an ozone water treatment system, one of the main issues faced is dissolving the ozone gas into the water. However, with the Primozone ozone generator technology, the dissolution is made easy thanks to the high ozone concentration combined with design-to-fit reaction tanks and dissolution module.

Complete Ozone Solutions

Primozone designs complete ozone solutions that range from oxygen generation and automation to ozone destruction and dissolution. The company handles all the, right from the designing and building phase to the installation and commissioning phase.


The above standard process chart describes the ways used by Primozone to design ozone solutions. Primozone supplies all the parts mentioned here, apart from piping. Depending on application and preference, a complete ozone generator system can be designed in a number of ways.

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