The Use of Ozone in Odor Control Systems

Mestilla UAB is a high-tech biodiesel producer in the Baltic States. The company is an eco-friendly producer, generating biodiesel from vegetable (canola) oil. However, Mestilla was facing a problem of a distinctive smell due to the formation of hydrogen sulfide during the oil pressing process.

The Requirement

The neighborhood suffered due to this distinctive smell because the Mestilla production facility is located in a heavily populated area in the port of Klaipeda, Lithuania. Due to the problems with the hydrogen sulfide odor, Mestilla was seeking an optimum solution to address the issue. The company evaluated methods such as scrubbers and bio-filters. The scrubbers were not able to solve the issue, whereas the bio-filters were less efficient and more expensive.

Solution from Primozone

Primozone conducted a pilot test that involved the use of a bespoke ozone system. The results confirmed the effectiveness of the ozone in solving the problem. The customized Primozone ozone solution was able to remove the odor generated in the biodiesel plant. As a consequence, the complaints from the local public have stopped.

Primozone, along with Mestilla, developed a compact ozone system that could be installed in the existing facility. The system was commissioned at the plant in January 2013. It blends ozone in small quantities into the plant’s exhaust, which is then redirected into a reaction chamber to degrade the odor particles. The key components of the Primozone ozone solution include are:

The spare upgrade capacity available with the ozone generator allows for expansion of plant production in Mestilla in the future, without the requirement to replace the odor control system.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Primozone.

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