Oil Free Screw Compressors for Standard WEG Motors

Service sets for Standard WEG electric motors are designed to retrofit or fit existing or new packaged systems. They require the removal of only the lubrication nipples from the motor. Set I for attachment set motor regreasing contains all the material needed to connect the regreasing tool to the Aerzen motor. The regreasing tool comprises Set II which is the drive set and Set III which is the service set.

Set I comes with all the materials needed to mount it to an already installed packaged unit, with a hose 3 meters long which can be adjusted separately, allowing mounting in any position. This set must be purchased only once. It contains:

  • Extension
  • Pipe reducer
  • Swiveling screw-fitting
  • Hose connection
  • Heavy-duty hose
  • Retaining clip for the hose
  • Mounting bracket
  • Hexagon screw
  • Washer DIN 9021
  • Screw locking

Material No. 2000019989

Set II for drive set motor regreasing contains the Aerzen Vario latest drive model with required supporting consoles and a machine sticker to alert the operator to the service life of cartridges and batteries, as predicted from calculation. This is also to be purchased only once. It contains:

  • AERZEN Vario drive generation 2 version with its unique program, valid for 36 months
  • supporting console
  • Service sticker for the machine, for battery and cartridge change alerts

Material-No. 2000020068

Set III is the actual service set for motor regreasing and contains grease cartridges with the right type of grease depending on the motor, the battery set and the annual marks to highlight the change date on the service sticker. It provides all the materials which require scheduled change. It must therefore be purchased new each time.

Functional Technology and Service for Best Performance

Aerzen relubrication sets are unique in several ways:

  • They fit seamlessly into existing packaged units
  • They need only a few staff for operation
  • They do not need a retrofitted power supply for existing packaged systems
  • They comprise of a separate functioning unit
  • The grease application is optimized using programs to set the dosing units for a maximum of 36 months
  • Easy to program and set up the dosing units
  • Have their own inbuilt power supply
  • Can work sequentially following a battery change
  • The cartridges or batteries of the dosing unit can be seen from outside in the packaged unit
  • While the service costs per year are low; the results are excellent
  • The automated regular occurrence of greasing prevents either over lubrication or under lubrication.

The Aerzen relubrication devices thus provide the right amount of lubrication at the right times, being programmable for up to 36 months, which permits all packaged units from Aerzen to operate permanently and with utmost economy.

Optimised lubrication by automatic relubrication device

Optimised lubrication by automatic relubrication device



Fixing of the dosing unit with supporting console and screwed connection

Fixing of the dosing unit with supporting console and screwed connection

The Aerzen Vario

The Vario is an automatic battery-powered relubrication device from Aerzen which is easy to retrofit and program, allowing it to be set for up to 36 months. It is programmed to deliver the right amount of grease precisely according to the actual requirement of the electric motor.

If the machine shuts down the facilities can be stopped, while the quantity can be changed at any time. It is possible to set up the device anywhere within 5 meters of the device to be lubricated. The systems come already configured and ready to be connected, with all accessories ready for connection.

Project Planning

Aerzen lubrication devices can be set up with ease once the following data is available:

  • The packaged unit size and other information
  • The operation mode of the packaged unit
  • The motor in use
  • The grease requirement determined by the annual operating hours

These are now used to plan the grease required, and the cartridge size can be chosen according to the preferred or required intervals of relubrication from one to 36 months.

The Aerzen WEG motor values are now stored for use by the device. If other brands are used, their data can also be stored using the determination sheet. This is used along with the service life and the requested intervals of service, to decide the best configuration.

Individual Lubricant Dosing in Three Sizes

The customer can program the Aerzen Vario as accurately as needed to fit the lubrication requirements of the machine. This is a fully automated device, independent of temperature and pressure, comprising an electromechanical drive, a dosing unit (LC) which has a capacity of 60 cm³, 120 cm³ or 250 cm³ lubricant, and a battery set.

Once the dosing period and the LC is selected as per the requirement, using the ‘Set’ button, they can be read at once in the LCD-display. The LED signals show the current operating condition in a wide-angle display with red or green, on the dosing unit and the display. The dosing unit’s LED lights can be easily read from a distance.

At a pressure accumulation of six bars the assembly can be set up within a circle of five meters from the lubricating point, which makes retrofitting much easier, because it enables the relubrication device to be placed outside the hazardous area, for instance, or at a point which is quickly reached.

The electromechanical drive is reusable and fits all cartridge sizes. This makes it easy to modify in case the lubrication requirement changes later and is economical. Aerzen also supplies the appropriate supporting consoles which are to be mounted on the motor, with necessary accessories for fixing and connecting the parts.  

Cross section/basic design and dimensions

Cross section/basic design and dimensions

3 cartridge sizes: 60, 120 and 250 cm3

3 cartridge sizes: 60, 120 and 250 cm3



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