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Protecting Ozone Installations with a BFP Backflow Protector

The Primozone® BFP backflow protector is an intelligent backflow device designed for protecting ozone equipment from accidental backflow of water. The device has an electrical detection system, making it highly reliable with a fast response time. It is capable of shutting off automatically upon detection of water, under 3 bars of pressure.

The backflow protector has a built-in drainage that enables quick re-start of the system after being triggered. Designed to fit most ozone installations, the Primozone® BFP allows gas flows of up to 700l/min.

In addition, the Primozone® BFP can be integrated with any type of Primozone® ozone generator to ensure problem-free operations of ozone installations.

Key Features

The main features of the Primozone® BFP backflow protector are:

  • Automatic control of water detection and shut-off
  • Fast response time
  • Cost effective
  • Less maintenance
  • Safe operations
  • Quick restart function
  • Easy integration with ozone installations

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