797 VA Computrace from Metrohm for Voltammetric Trace Analysis

The 797 VA Computrace from Metrohm is a modern voltammetry stand designed for trace analysis of metals and other electrochemically active substances. It has superior sensitivity and specificity, thus enabling it to realize detection limits as low as the ppt range, even if there is high salt concentrations.

The user-friendly PC software is provided as a part of the VA instruments. It helps in controlling the measurements, and recording and testing the measuring data, thus facilitating a direct and simple measuring process. Since the software is based around the Windows operating principles, it provides intuitive handling. The fixed technique structures in the Computrace software guarantee that the determinations are speedy and simple. This is a practical feature, principally for regular applications.

MVA systems are equipped for manual operation, 100% automated analyses, and for semi-automated operation with the help of Dosinos and additional pumps. Upgrading the MVA systems to higher automation levels can be easily done whenever required through the addition of the required units, including sample changers, Dosinos, and pumps.

Key Features

The main features of the 797 VA Computrace are listed below:

  • Wide range of preprogrammed techniques to suit many applications
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Powerful potentiostat and a range of electrodes for very sensitive trace analysis
  • Easy to modify the VA system to comply with the changes required
  • Low-threshold access through exploratory mode for method development and teaching
  • Features such as GLP Wizard, freely definable user access rights in the software, and automatic electrode tests prior to each measurement guarantee exceptional quality standards for all measurements

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