826 pH Mobile from Metrohm

The 826 pH mobile is a portable pH meter that comes standard with an IrDa interface, including batteries and a carrying strap. This battery-powered device is suitable for production plants, laboratories, and field measurements.

Users can use the pH meter whenever and wherever they want to determine a pH value. The 6.0228.020 Primatrode integrated pH glass electrode with a rugged NTC temperature sensor and plastic shaft is fitted with a fixed cable of type I plug.

The housing of the 826 pH mobile equipped with this glass pH electrode corresponds to protection class IP67, meaning that the 826 pH mobile can be easily utilized in high humid environments that are subject to splash water. Even if the device is submerged in water for a short period of time, its functioning will remain unaffected.

The 826 pH mobile is offered in a fully equipped carrying case that includes sample bottles, measuring vessels, buffer solutions, and everything that users would require for field measurements. Further, the case can be utilized as a working surface. It is supplied without inserted batteries.

Key Features

The main features of the 826 pH Mobile are as follows:

  • Portable pH meter
  • Measures pH, temperature, and voltage
  • Connections for measuring temperature sensor, electrode, and reference electrode
  • Accessories include a set of four batteries, a hexagon key, and a carrying strap

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