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Ozone Water Treatment System

The Primozone® system controller is an advanced unit which allows for control and monitoring of the whole Primozone ozone water treatment system to ensure complete safety of the operation. It may be easily retrofitted into external controller equipment, and is fully adaptable.

The Primozone system controller allows the operator to oversee up to five ozone generators under standard specifications. Even when the ozone production requirements undergo adjustment, as may occur over a day or a year, the Primozone system controller adapts to the new settings automatically, keeping the energy consumption in tune with the actual production and thus limiting running costs for the entire system.


The Primozone system controller offers an array of very convenient features which include:

  • The ability of the standard model to remotely monitor and regulate up to five ozone generators
  • Auto-setting of ozone levels in accordance with the water quality (such as REDOX or ORP)
  • The ability to regulate exactly how much ozone is produced at any moment
  • The facility to connect to other controllers such as SCADA in a standardized manner via Modbus- TCP
  • The provision of troubleshooting and log files

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