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Ozone Thermal Catalytic Destruct Unit

Ozone gas inevitably builds up in the discharge gas in even the best-designed ozone water treatment units, despite high mass transfer efficiency. This then needs to be destroyed at the point of collection. A thermocatalytic ozone destruct unit is capable of decomposing this ozone to break it down both efficiently and in a dependable manner, using very little energy in the process.

A thermocatalytic ozone destruct unit uses granular catalyst which decomposes ozone to give oxygen. If the vent or discharge gas is preheated before being passed through the granular catalyst, it loses water vapor and the process becomes more efficient.


The Primozone® ozone destruct units have very superior performance features such as:

  • Automatic temperature monitoring and regulation
  • Highly efficient ozone decomposition resulting in less than 0.1 ppm of residual ozone
  • Low energy consumption
  • May be operated manually or automatically

Two models

Primozone offers two models of ozone destruct models:

  • The Primozone® DM-series

This model has an inbuilt fan, and is the unit of choice when ozone is collected over large basins or non-pressurized reaction tanks. The fan speed is regulated by the gas flow rate, so as to limit energy use.

  • The Primozone® DEXF-series

This model does not include a fan and is therefore more suited to non-pressurized sealed tanks. It comes with its own dedicated electrical cabinet and may be operated either automatically or manually.

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