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ZNose 7100 – The Bechtop® Gas Chromatography Device

Cost-effective and high-throughput gas chromatography can be achieved through the use of the Model 7100 Benchtop zNose®. Accurate analysis and evaluation of chemical odors can be carried out at rapid speeds, obtaining results in seconds. This highly sensitive GC analyzer can detect many different compounds at tiny quantities (part-per-trillion). Hydrocarbon detection can also be carried out at levels between C4-C25. Extensive power backup also allows it to function, dependent upon usage, for between 12-24 hours. This system, however, can only be utilized within the laboratory as it must be positioned on a workbench.

  • Cheap and portable packaging
  • Superior accuracy
  • Wide range of detection (2 x 104)
  • Ease of use means minimal training is required
  • Measures various organic, biological and chemical compounds
  • Laptop is Windows compatible

Main Applications

Homeland Security

Applications of this system within homeland security can aid the detection and prevention of security threats. This is via the detection of various chemicals such as odors created by explosives and weapons. This would make it highly useful in various security situations such as; airport security, building security, and port and cargo security.


This system can also be applied to detect contamination due to its high sensitivity. This is especially useful for fuels, fragrances, plastics, and other chemical compounds.

Life Science

Applications within life sciences can used to rapidly evaluate both odors and aromatic signatures of complex living organisms, including animals, bacteria, molds and plants.

Food and Beverages

Within the field of food and beverage production, this system is useful for both quantitative and qualitative analysis of both quality and aroma.


This system can also be used to control the amount of harmful gases in the environment with real-time measurement of odors in air, water and soil.


Finally, this system can also be used to analyse various chemicals within bodily fluids, such as blood and urine, rapidly and accurately. This could be useful within applications of diagnosis and hygiene analysis.

How Does zNose® Work?

zNose® products all contain various technologies, such as ultra-fast gas chromatography and surface acoustic wave components. This enables quantification of odors within seconds, after only 3 different stages.

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