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Low-Powered Logging Platform with an Integrated Cellular Modem - dataTaker DT82EM

The Series 4 dataTaker DT82EM intelligent data logger is a fully featured low-powered logging platform that comes with an integrated cellular modem that has dramatically improved sampling speed, measurement range and programmable analog output for its ideal application for remote purposes.

The rugged design and wide operating temperature range of this data logger provides users with a highly reliable operation that can be utilized in virtually any environment. Additionally, the ability of the DT82EM to maintain adequate operation under low-power circumstances allows the user to utilize a smaller solar panel without risking any effects on the overall functionality of this tool.

Product Features

  • Versatile Measurement
    • Wide array of sensors can be connected to the following components of the logger:
      • The versatile analog
      • Digital channels
      • High-speed counter inputs
      • Phase encoder inputs
      • Programmable serial sensor channels
    • All digital, serial and calculated measurements can be scaled, logged and returned in engineering units and/or within statistical reporting range. These measurements include:
      • Temperature
      • Voltage
      • Current
      • 4-20 mA loops
      • Resistance
      • Bridges
      • Strain gauges
      • Frequency
    • Sampling, logging, alarm and control tasks can be specifically set by the user according to their specific requirements
  • Improved Flexibility
    • Smart sensors, GPS and additional intelligent device interfaces can be incorporated into the DT82EM system.
  • Automatic Data Delivery
    • Allows the user to schedule data to be automatically emailed to their email inbox at desired frequencies (e.g., every day, week, month or other time intervals).
    • More sophisticated systems can utilize this feature to send logged data to an FTP server.
    • Alarm conditions can trigger data delivery in addition to sending alarm messages to multiple email addresses or mobile phones.
  • Easy Configuration
    • Can be directly configured in the web browser through the use of dataTaker’s dEX graphical interface, which allows the user to specifically design wiring diagrams and other system features to determine how the system should work for both novice and advanced purposes.  
    • Internal modem allows the user to remotely re-configure the system over the internet if necessary.

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