Monitor One, Two or Three Current Channels, As Well As One, Two or Three Voltage Channels - Electrocorder EC-7VAR

The EC-7VAR Power Energy Data Logger is capable of monitoring one, two or three current channels, as well as one, two or three voltage channels, as desired by the user. In addition, this device has also been designed to allow the user to monitor both the loading and energy consumption of the installation.

As compared to similarly priced competitors, this Electrocorder utilizes a constant sampling technique that samples every channel 16 times each cycle, of which a cycle is 16 ms at 60 Hz, or 20 ms at 50 Hz.

At the end of each averaging period, each channel will have three separate quantities recorded, of which include:

  • True RMS average
  • Maximum RMS value (highest cycle value during sampling period)
  • Minimum RNS value (lowest cycle value during sampling period)

Note that as a result of this sampling process, all peaks and troughs that are one cycle or longer will be recorded.

Product Features

  • Power Factor is recorded in the phase angle between L1 and A1
  • Selectable amplification range: 400 - 3000 AAC
  • All voltage and current levels are stored with dates and times
  • Back-up battery allows the Electrocorder to continue to record for months at a time.

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