Environmental Data Logger with USB Memory Stick Support and Extensive Communications Capabilities - DT82E

The newly developed Series 4 DT82E Environmental Data Logger provides users with an extensive array of features that can be applied for a wide range of applications. The DT82E is a robust, stand alone, low power data logger that features USB memory stick support, 18-bit resolution, extensive communications capabilities and built-in display. All of which allow this device to exhibit an increased sampling speed, measurement range and programmable analog output.

Product Features

  • Dual Channel
    • Allows up to 4 isolated or 6 common referenced analog inputs to be used in many combinations.
  • Supports the following systems:
    • 1 SDI-12 sensor networks
    • Modbus for SCADA systems
    • FTP and Web interface
    • 12 V regulated output to power sensors
  • Versatile measurement capabilities
    • Connects to a wide array of sensors through the following system features:
      • Versatile analog and digital channels
      • High-speed counter inputs
      • Phase encoder inputs
      • Programmable serial sensor channels.
    • Capable of scaling, logging and returning all digital, serial and calculated measurements in engineering units or within statistical reporting. These measurements include:
      • Temperature
      • Voltage
      • Current
      • 4-20 mA loops
      • Resistance
      • Bridges
      • Strain gauges
      • Frequency
    • All sampling, logging, alarm and control tasks can be designed according to the user’s specific requirements.
    • Available interfaces for smart sensors, GPS and other intelligent devices further expand the flexibility of the DT82E.
  • Superior Data Storage & Communications
    • Standard Unit storage: up to 10 million data points (expandable)
    • The user can overwrite or stop logging once allocated memory is full, archive data on alarm event, copy to USB memory or transfer through FTP/ Email.
  • Communication features:
    • RS232  
    • Ethernet
    • All connections can be made locally or remotely, through the use of a modem or over the Internet.
    • Web interface
      • Easily configure the DT82E
      • Access logged data
      • Visualize current measurements as mimics or in a list using a web browser.
    • FTP/ Email provides data over the internet or through a wireless network, without requiring specific host software to acquire data.

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