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RT1 Smart Rooftop Photovoltaic Monitoring System

Since PV panel temperature can significantly impact the output of PV panels, it is important to accurately monitor any temperature changes that may occur.

It should also be noted that the output of PV panels can also be affected by soiling, cable losses and inverter losses, all of which are not related to PV panel temperature-related changes.

The RT1 Smart Rooftop Monitoring System has rugged housing that allows this unit to fit on the side or corner of any PV panel. Within this housing exists all digital electronics, of which include the sensor responsible for measuring the incoming plane of array solar irradiance.

The plug-in temperature sensor can be easily attached to the back of any PV panel. The RT1 Smart Rooftop Monitoring System is an ideal solution to monitor both the solar irradiation and PV panel temperature of solar panels, to ultimately determine the efficiency of commercial rooftop PV installations.

Product Features

  • Designed for rooftop PV installations
  • Smart digital duo-sensor
  • Fits to a corner of any solar panel
  • Irradiance and back panel temperature
  • Recalibration not needed for 2 years

RT1 Smart Rooftop Photovoltaic Monitoring System

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