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Commercial-Grade LED Grow Light for Vertical Farming - perihelion™

Why should individuals accept an incompetent “one-size-fits-all” grow light that not only restricts the yield of crops but also limits the required chemical content?

Designed by G2V Optics, the perihelion™ light bars offer programmable lighting with complete spectrum control for commercial controlled environment agriculture (CEA) horticulture applications.

The optimal light spectrum for a plant depends on the environment, species, time of day, and stage of growth.

Adjustable Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

The perihelion™ makes use of Variable Spectra technology that has been particularly developed for top scientific research institutions to adapt spectra to their environment and cultivar. Spectral control means users can boost yield, crop performance, chemical content, and quality.

G2V Optics provides market-leading 7-band UV to Far Red spectra for maximum growth optimization.

Grow Lights Available in Two Configurations

The perihelion™ LED light bar is available in two configurations as standard: 4-bar and 8-bar. The configuration with fewer bars is suitable for applications that need smaller photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD). Equipped with seven LED Channels, both configurations have been designed to provide improved growing results under any controlled environment agriculture conditions.

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