SolarRoofs Premium Skyline® Collectors’s Premium Skyline® Collectors are the world’s most carefully thought out and practical solar water heating collectors.  They were designed and Patented by Al C. Rich, an inventor with 30 years of solar water heater installation experience.

As the "low hanging Fruit" of the solar world, Al loved solar water heating but didn't like the great difficulty, let alone danger, involved in installing 120 to 160 pound flat plate collectors on a roof or tedious, fragile glass tubes.  Many a sale was lost due to customers not wanting "that Ugly thing on MY roof!"  Al thought long and hard about this dilemma and realized that if this restriction to the mass application of solar water heating was going to change, maybe he was going to have to change it.

Thus the high performance Skyline collector was born and is designed from the ground up to be Attractive, Easy, and Safe to Install. At only 20 inches wide it fits easily under the arm and is easy and safe to carry by one person, ideal for the do-it-yourselfer but powerful enough for large commercial jobs. For most solar water heating applications they easily outperform Evacuated Glass Tube collectors and are far less expensive.

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