PMU485 Smart Setup Hub

With the new PMU485 Smart Setup Hub, users can connect any Smart Kipp & Zonen instrument to their PC. Kipp & Zonen manufactures Smart solar radiation measuring instruments that are designed to make users’ life easier.

The PMU485 comes with an all-in-one 12 VDC power source and RS-485 to USB converter to power and facilitates communication with Kipp & Zonen Modbus® RTU instruments. Users simply have to connect the instrument cable to the PMU485 by screw terminals, plug it into a PC/laptop USB port and start the Kipp & Zonen SmartExplorer Software.

With this new product, users can see and/or log live readings, or modify communications settings, such as baud rate or the Modbus address/ID.

How Does the PMU485 Smart Setup Hub Make Life Easier?

The PMU485 has an in-built 2-wire RS-485 to USB 2.0 converter that controls the data connection and is provided with a 1.5 m cable. Users will not find a power switch on the PMU485, they have to connect it to an active USB port, and the converter will begin functioning. LED indicators have been provided for USB power as well as data transmission and data reception.

An internal DC-DC converter is provided to step-up 5VDC from the PC USB port to 12 VDC to run the connected instrument, therefore no independent power adapter is required.

The SmartExplorer is capable of communicating with up to 10 instruments linked in parallel if they have been programmed with different Modbus® addresses.

SMP, SGR, SHP, SUV, PH1, PR1 and RT1 take about 4 mA each, and any PC USB port can transmit the power for up to 10 of these without any difficulty.

The DustIQ needs additional power and peaks at 400 mA. If this is above the load of a USB port with limited current capability, the PMU485 is fitted with an internal Lithium-ion battery to increase the current to the DC-DC converter. This battery can be recharged by the USB port when the load decreases. Only one DustIQ can be run at a time.

The PMU485 Smart Setup Hub connecting your PC to any Smart Kipp & Zonen instrument.

The PMU485 Smart Setup Hub connecting your PC to any Smart Kipp & Zonen instrument. Image Credit: Kipp & Zonen

Along with Kipp & Zonen SmartExplorer software, users can employ the PMU485 to test their Smart instrument, set up its communication settings, screen live data and log it to a drive of the PC.

The PMU485 is meant for use as an installation or service tool to install and test a device and its communication parameters. It is not designed for outdoor use or permanent installations as it is not weatherproof.

  • Single USB connection
  • RS-485 data
  • Runs with all Kipp & Zonen Smart instruments and DustIQ
  • 12 VDC power source
  • Modbus® RTU communication with SmartExplorer software

The PMU485 is an OEM instrument built for and marketed by Kipp & Zonen.

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