Service and Calibration for Your Instruments

All instruments from Kipp & Zonen are manufactured with the utmost care and precision by experienced staff. The manufacturing process is finished with a calibration that can be traced to global standards. All the certified instruments have a two-year extensive warranty.

The accompanying instruction sheets and/or manuals help users with the installation process. Service, repair and maintenance are executed at ISO quality standards often using original parts to ensure outstanding performance.

An instrument that impacts the sensitivity is repaired along with the service of recalibration. The software of the instrument can be found by downloading the PDF. New software updates are available online and free of cost.

Improved Customer Experience Through Prioritized Calibration and Shipping

There is always a need to recalibrate a pyranometer. Similar to all measuring devices, the calibration can change with time during operation, specifically while working in environments from the cold Antarctic to hot deserts and tropical conditions.

As an experienced manufacturer of high-precision instruments, Kipp & Zonen’s work does not end once the product is handed over to the customer.

The company is eager to guarantee that it serves its customers for the longest possible time at the highest accuracy. Hence, the company recommends calibration of users’ instruments regularly and establishing a Maintenance Calibration Partnership (MCP) with customers.

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